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200 Club update

The 200 club administration is being transferred to new volunteers as per the following linked letter.  Letter to members

200 Club November Winners

1st prize (£75) No. 114 Emily Holmes

2nd prize (£50) No. 5 Joan Abbott

3rd prize (£25) No. 54 Frank Maher

Many thanks for your continued support of the club.

YouTube address updated

As our YouTube channel has now reached 100 subscribers we have been able to customise our channel address to make it easier for people to find.  It is now: https://youtube.com/c/catholicchurchalcester

Parish Catholic Primary School - Our Lady's Catholic Primary - St Faith's Road, Alcester - Admissions Consultation

Please find below a link to the Admissions Policy for 2022-2023 for Our Lady’s Catholic Primary School.  We are now entering a 6 week consultation process as part of the seven year cycle.  

Admissions 2022-23

We invite you to make comments to the Chair of Governors at the following email address of williams.p2@welearn365.com or alternatively post your comments directly to the school, addressed to:

Chair of Governors, Our Lady’s Catholic Primary, St Faith’s Road, Alcester, Warwickshire. B49 6AG

 Please note that the consultation process ends at midnight on 16th November 2020.

 Church Stewards to facilitate public Mass

Please consider volunteering to support the parish as a Steward for Mass on Sunday mornings.  The church needs 2 Stewards for each of the 8:30am and 10:30am Masses, their primary purpose is to ensure the safe social distancing of the congregation, and to ensure that we do not exceed the maximum safe capacity of the church.  To volunteer please e-mail mike@catholicchurchalcester.org.uk, confirming your name(s), preferred Mass time, and any weeks that you cannot attend.  Please also consent to your e-mail address being shared with other Stewards to enable rota swaps to be made as necessary.  We are currently looking to set up the rota for 11 October to 3 January inclusive.  Additional Stewards may be needed for Masses at Christmas.

200 Club September Winners

1st prize (£75)   No.  91 Chris Ryde

2nd prize (£50)   No. 83 Kiernan Cunningham

3rd prize (£25)   No. 17 Meg Winters

Many thanks for your continued support of the club.

200 Club August Winners

1st prize (£75)   No.  1 Natasha Burton

2nd prize (£50)   No. 23 XXXXXXXXXXX

3rd prize (£25)   No. 112 Dominic & Joan Hemming

Many thanks for your continued support of the club.

200 Club June Winners

1st prize (£75)   No. 96 Robert Haden

2nd prize (£50)   No. 110 Mary Redding

3rd prize (£25)   No. 13 Mary Carney

Many thanks for your continued support of the club.

Plans to reopen church for the Celebration of Holy Mass

Next week 5 July, it is our intention to resume the public celebration of Holy Mass at 8.30 and 10.30am. Obviously, there are ‘unknowns’ but what can be envisaged will have been. It is case of trying it and adjusting accordingly. For the time being, the recorded Masses, which have been appreciated by many, will continue to be available, but from next Sunday, allowing for Mass to be offered at 8.30 and 10.30, this recording will be available from 10.30 each Sunday.

Since social-distancing will apply and in order to maximise the capacity of the church, we will be implementing the 1 metre + government guidance, we will be able to use every other bench in the church, whether they be filled by households or by limited numbers of individuals.

To facilitate good order and the correct use of the benches, it will be necessary for people to arrive for Mass at least 10 minutes early, observing appropriate social distancing in the grounds as well as in church.

Stewards will be responsible for directing where people are to be seated and to indicate when the church is full to capacity.
Face coverings are expected to be worn in these proximities at all times unless health conditions apply. Face coverings, while removed to receive Holy Communion, will need to be put back on immediately afterwards.

Volunteers, at their own discretion, are need to act in the technical sense as stewards and cleaners. Our ability to offer public Masses depends on our having volunteers. Without them, the church has to close. Please let Fr Paul know, using the parish email or answerphone, if you are available to help so that you can have Mass.

Update on Progress to Renovate and Extend the Parish Hall

Work is now well underway on the renovation and extension to our parish hall.  Please continue to support our project through your generous donations.  Many thanks.

200 Club If you currently subscribe to the parish's 200 club or would like to, please see the attached letter from Chris and Kiernan Cunningham:

200 Club Update May 2020

200 Club Application Form

Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

While the general advice is not to panic, discretionary precautions are prudent. Following regular updates from the government, and from the Bishops’ Conference, we can expect increased measures for our protection & for that of society at large. We can only take one day at a time and pray for protection.

Resources to help during this time can be found below;

Alcester Community Resilience Group on Facebook

Studley Isolation Support and Volunteer Group on Facebook

NHS Coventry and Warwickshire Covid-19 family wellbeing pack NHS South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust

A guide to living with worry and anxiety amidst global uncertainty Copyright © 2020 Psychology Tools Limited

Regular or Ad-Hoc Donations & Gift Aid

If you are able to support the parish financially in the coming weeks and months, there are a number of options by which you can do this...

The most efficient way of doing so is by setting up either a standing order or making ad-hoc payments from your bank account into the parish account.

If you are willing to do this, please send an e-mail to finance@catholicchurchalcester.org.uk and we will send you further details as to how to set this up.

Alternatively, you can either put a cash or cheque donation in a clearly marked envelope through the presbytery letterbox, or post donations (cheques only please) to the parish address found at the bottom of this page.

If you are an existing Gift-Aid Donor or wish to become a new Gift-Aid Donor please provide your Full Name, Address and Postcode on the envelope.  

Words of Wisdom

    “In all your trials, arm yourself with faith, confidence in God, and deep humility of heart. Fear nothing.” St Paul of the Cross